Organ Donation | Transplantation In India

Register Your Decision

Our mission is to spread awareness about organ donation in India. Once you register your wish on this website, you can download and print your donor card which will state your consent to having your organs and tissue made available for transplantation upon your death.

Print and keep this card with you at all times. Do understand that this card is not a legal document, but an acknowledgment of your wish to donate your organs. Remember that your family and dear ones would be the ones who will give the final consent.

All information submitted will be kept completely confidential. We will not share, sell or otherwise compromise this information. Please note that the person you have nominated as an emergency contact will also receive an email informing him/her about your wish to donate. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you confirm your pledge by clicking on a link in confirmation email. Email might go to your spam folder

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