Discuss With Your Family

Why Should You Discuss this with Your Family

The most important thing is that after you have made your decision on whether to become an organ donor – and register that decision – you must discuss your wishes with your family. Organ and tissue donation cannot proceed without the consent of the family.

Discuss this Topic

It is important that your family, partner, and friends understand your reasons for pledging your organs. It is important for people to make an informed decision so you may like to share the facts about organ and tissue donation included on this website. You may also like to share some of the stories about donors and recipients.

Having the Discussion

A good start is to use everyday situations to start a discussion on important life issues, including what to do with your organs and tissues when you die. There would be situations and opportunities to bring this topic up such as making a will, getting your life insurance, leaving home for the first time as an adult, celebrating an anniversary with your partner, getting a checkup at your doctor, seeing a traumatic event in the news or after a friend or a family member dies.